The solutions developed by Feedback Limited are shown below. Point to learn more.

1. Channel estimator
VQ-aware channel estimation algorithms
2. Linear modulation matrices
Eigenmode matrices optimized for time-correlated channels supporting users with varying antenna setups
3. Power allocation matrices
Power allocation matrices supporting users with varying antenna setups
4. Indexer and optimizer
Adaptive indexers and optimizers using channel prediction and advanced scheduling methods
5. Feedback channel encoders and decoders
Feedback link FEC codecs and advanced bit indexing methods
6. Codebook with eigenmodes
Codebooks of eigenmodes supporting time-correlated channels
7. Codebook with singular values
Codebooks of singular values supporting time-correlated channels
8. Codebook entries selector
Dual codebook entry selectors
9. Linear processor
VQ-aware linear signal processors and SVD separators